Monday, August 13, 2012

"Maza and Bruno finally meet"

Another day in a doggy dog world! I am not feeling too good today. It must have something to do with the weather. Mama is more than happy to take me to the park, as she is now getting my ball and goody bag together but I just feel like staying home and doing nothing!

What? No one can tell me that only humans can feel this way!
I am kind of feeling ... I am not sure exactly!

Oh well, part of being a dog is making my owner feel like she is doing me good, so I guess I will play along.
Off to the park we go... The other owners make me want to bite their asses. The stupid little poodle and her owner irritate the shit out of me, I guess I will have to ignore them like I do with most of the dummies that are at the park.

Here we are... Same old, same old shit! There's that dude that likes my Mama, such an irritating goof ball!
Oh, wait a minute... There is that cutie rottweiler! Oh my DOG! (GOD backwards!)
I am going to take my ball to him and see if he wants to play! He is cute and so strong looking!
I wonder if he's fixed or if he's able to hummana other dogs? I only wonder because I don't want him sniffing my ass! I will have to show him who's 'Boss' if he does that!
I guess I will take a chance and shit my pants, if I am wrong. He better play nice or else, his ass is grass!

His owner is also very good-looking for a human ass wipe, hmm...
I wonder if my Mama would like him? Mama needs a good man, she has had it rough with the divorce and all the bullshit Dad put her through!
It's worth a try! I  maybe a dog, but I know how to match make and play cupid.
For now, I will work on the cutie 'Rottie'.

Watch me work my magic with my great disposition and speed! This Rottie will have to show me he's got the balls to keep up with me!
Ooooh... He's looking at me with his tongue hanging out... JACKPOT!      

WOW, Othello really walks fast at times, especially when he's highly embarrassed! He's just about half way across the park by now. No problem, I can run like the wind. Catch him in two shakes without breaking a sweat...
Oh wait, what did I just spot over there? Looks like a really hot Boxer type. Female even, her scent grabbed my keen nasals while mid-stride, stopping me in my tracks! Hmmm, she's got nice lines, very fit and trim with beautiful colored tan and white stripes. My kind of lassie alright. Think I'll just sit here for a few minutes and case the scene, see what I can conjure up before I make my introduction to this sexy bitch.
Look at her composure, steady as a rock. She knows I'm checking her out, I can sense it. She's got my scent as well, I can see she's sniffing me from downwind. 
Can't help myself from drooling, she's a fine looking dog. Man I wouldn't mind getting a piece of her, but I gotta be cool with this one, looks like one of those bitches you do not want to mess with. Very poised and calculating from what I'm noticing.
Her owner looks great as well, for a human bitch anyway. Othello might find her sexy. I need to get him back here so we can go check these two out. Shit, he's still hauling ass and hasn't noticed I'm not right behind him. Let me run him down so I can get his attention, then maybe I can drag him back to these two bitches and see if we can hook up with them. 
Run Bruno, run! 

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