Thursday, August 16, 2012

"Maza gets friendly with Bruno"

(Maza running towards Bruno with her ball, with plans of getting acquainted 'Dog' style...)

"Hi, are you new here?"

"Uhh.. No, are you?"

"If I was new here, I would have said so, silly dog!"

"I'm not silly, I'm just shy"

"Well, Do you wanna play or what? If not I can just play on my own, I don't have all day!"

"Yeah, I wanna play. I told you, I'm just shy"

"Okay, cut the shy crap. We're dogs! I'm very choosy about approaching other dogs because of their owner's attitudes but your owner looks cool and so do you. However, before we get started, there are rules you better remember about me!"

"Rules? what kind of rules?"

"I don't like other dogs to sniff my ass and try to mate with me, understand?"

"But that's what we do!"

"Not with me, you don't! So if we have an agreement, then we can become really good friends."

"Okay, whatever you say. I like you. Am I allowed to speak my mind at all?"

"Yeah sure but don't get fresh with me, I'm a Boxer and I maybe sexy and pretty but I don't put up with shit!"

"Don't worry, I'm not that type of dog. I do think you smell really good though! I like your color and I love your eyes, is that okay for me to tell you?"

"Yeah, that's okay and thanks. I like your eyes and color too. Now let's play, I wanna see if you are as good as you look. Are you ready?... Chase me!"

"You asked for it, I'm coming for ya!"

"If you can catch up, I'll even let you wrestle me, Come on!"

"I'm coming, you had a head start on me!"
(Bruno's thoughts: Damn, she is fast and has the nicest ass, shit... I hope she didn't sense my thoughts, I better impress her with something... She's tough but so worth my efforts!)

(Maza's thoughts: Poor muscle head , regardless of what I just told him, he still thinks he has a chance! He better work on his stamina. I suppose I ought to give him a chance... I'll slow down a bit and let him run beside me, that way our owners have no choice but to talk to each other! I'm such a smart dog and I've got it all figured out!)

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