Monday, July 16, 2012

"Inside Bruno's mind"

Harrumph! It's such a boring day today, as I watch my owner sitting at the computer playing what these humans call Mafia Wars by Zynga. Look at him clicking away at that mouse, yelling at the top of his lungs while saliva shoots toward the monitor six inches from his face...pathetic. He looks if he's going to burst a blood vessel for Pete's sake!

I would much rather be at the park sniffing Maza's cute little Boxer butt! Every time Othello takes me there, I'm always looking for Maza. I see many other dogs there, but she's the one I care to sniff...

Yea, I'll just daydream for now, as Othello continues to click away at the computer. Maybe take a nap for now, but with all that screaming from this moron of a human sitting across the room, who can sleep?

I don't mind sitting around too much, after all I'm a Rottweiler. I won't move my 120 pounds of solid muscle unless I really need to, and when I do I'm pretty damn swift and agile. My owner Othello takes good care of me and knows what I like to eat...steak!

If it's one thing I can't stand though, it's someone getting carried away. Humans have a tendency to do just that. They're all crazy as far as I'm concerned. Self-centered egomaniacs who think they know everything. It's the pretentious ones that I really detest. All I can say is thank God my owner has some great qualities other than most humans. Lucky for him really, that way he gets to keep his ass intact, without having to worry about me taking a huge chunk out of it when I'm pissed off!

It's entertaining to watch humans, Othello in particular. He's tenacious at times, like when playing Mafia Wars. Always causing drama with others over a stupid online game, where you never meet others you play with, and don't even know a single thing about them. Who's to know who's even on the other end of that stupid monitor he's constantly staring at?

Harrumph! It's time for my daily afternoon nap. Maybe Othello will take me to the park later, so I can sniff some doggy butts...

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