Monday, July 16, 2012

"Inside Maza's mind"

What a day it has been! My owner getting up early when I wanted to stay in bed. "Get up Maza! we need to eat and go to the gym" she says

Why doesn't she just let me stay in bed? She keeps me all night awake while she is doing computer work and I am waiting for her to go to bed! This dog life sucks!

These humans have no clue of what they are talking about 99% of the time and they think Us dogs are stupid? Gimme a break! All i wanna do is play ball and my owner throws it 10x and figures, 
I am tired? She's the one that is out of shape not me! has she not noticed what my body looks like? I am a Boxer and proud to be one! 

She ran me around doing her errands and the bloody bitch is too cheap to buy me a hamburger while she eats and get fatter by the second!

what's wrong with these humans? They are so stupid! They think they are smarter than Us? why? because we don't use the toilet? Hell, I can shit anywhere i want and anytime I want!

Guess who picks it up? My owner! So who is the real Boss now? She hasn't taken me to the park yet all day! No doubt, i will miss my fun day today!

I guess I can just go to sleep while she stresses out over the bullshit of this and that.

I will sleep in the hall way away from all her screaming and bitching about some idiot who did not mow the lawn where I decided to shit when she wasn't looking!

Screw them all! They can clean up after my shit or step in it! I am gonna take a nap. She bitch wore me out!  

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